Two Wise Chimps

Two Wise Chimps is an innovative new brand producing functional natural chewing gum. Giving your body and mind the stuff that your body and mind needs to function at it best in the most effective way possible!

What is it made of?

Named after the wise chimpanzees, Two Wise Chimps seeks only the best fruits to give you the edge in everyday life!

The base of the chewing gum is made of chicle from the Sapodilla tree from the Mexican Rainforest. This is harvested from the tree in the most efficient way that has been done for many generations.

In order to protect nature, each tree is then given seven years to recover, so no trees are lost in the process.

Sugar was replaced for the natural sweetener xylitol which is much healther and helps to keep blood pressure down and decreases chances of tooth decay. In addition, no animal derived ingredients where used to make the chewing gum, making it suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Making sure the gum is biodegradable

A lot of time and effort went into making sure the chewing gum is biodegradable. The gum was sent to the Eurofins laboratory for testing, who confirmed to gum was indeed biodegradable.

Two Wise Chimps themselves also conducted a test where both natural and synthetic gum was soaked into glass of water for a period of three months.

After this time, the results showed that the natural gum started to disintegrate and decreased in size signifacantly, where the synthetic gum showed no signs of change. Moreover, the water in which it has been sitting was still clear!

The flavours!

First there is the caffeine gum which gives you the energy just at the time you need it most. This heatlhier altnerative over energy drinks, is packed in convenient packs that you always carry with you!

The CBD gum is a perfect after a long day when you want to relax. This mint flavoured gum, contains 5mg of high purity CBD. There is evidence this chewing gum helps with the relief of stress, depression or when you are having trouble sleeping at night.