The Humble Co

The Humble Co

There is no planet B. This slogan says it all! We should take care of the planet we live on and pass it on to the next generation the same way as we found it, preffably better!

Originally starting out with tooth brushes, the Humble Co expanded their product line into toothpaste and chewing gum. As The Humble Co is concerned, chewing gum should consist of natural ingredients only, without any artificial flavours added. Also, sugar is replaced with xylitol.

Just like the old days, there are no artificial supplements, just pure natural and fair ingredients are used, that you would like to see in food which are easily biodegradable. Its eco-friendly approach is not only found in their products, but also in their packaging as no plastics are used! Well done The Humble Co!

Chewing gum from The Humble Co stimulates a better heath. It is good for strong teeth and a fresh breath. Besides sugar free, the gum is non-GMO, vegan, biodegradable, and of course no plastic gum.


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