Natural Chewing Gum from NATURgum

Inpired by the Rain Forest in Mexico, that transformed an ambition into one of the most healthy and natural chewing gums one can find. This is where the journey starts for the products made by NATURGum.

Yucatan Forest

It was after visiting the Yucatan forest, that the founders got inspired by the beauty that surrounded them. They soon learned to appreciate the miracles this forest held inside it.

]This forest is home to majestic Sapodilla tree, which has a greater use, then simply being beautiful.

The tree prooved to provide the perfect natural gum base for chewing gum, and is now used in all the chewing gum that NATURGum produces.

This gum base obtained from this tree is called “chicle”. For many years, a proces that covers many generations, the “Chicleros” have developed themselves into experts into harvesting the chicle.

In a particular way, by making x-shaped cuts into the bark of the tree the chicle is tapped. This is all done in a way, without permanent damage and that the tree can be fully restored. This means this process has no effect on loss of forest or deforestation.

NATURGum is 100% made of natural ingredients, 100% biodegradable, 100% sugar free, for anyone who values their health and has a concern about what they consume on a daily basis.

Their main mission is to create only environmental friendly chewing gum and making our planet a better place to live which we want to pass on to future generations.

What started as a sparkle of enthusiasm, has grown into one of the most healthy chewing gums on the market. It are products like NATURGum, that enhance the durability not only of our health, but also to the planet that we call home.


This forms the natural gum base, or chicle, for the chewing that is produced by NATURGum. This ingredient comes from the Rain Forrest in Mexico. For centuries, the Chicleros” uses techniques handed down for generations, to extract the gum base by making X-shaped cuts on the bark of the Sapodilla tree. This techniques allows the tree to fully recover with no sign of deforestation.

Natural Sweetener

As a alternative to sugar, stevia and xylitol are used to sweeten the chewing gum. Because these are used instead of sugar, they are low-calorie and thus healthier. In contrast to sugar, stevia and xylitol are anti-bacteria, which eliminates the chances of tooth decay.

Natural Aromas

Flavours that are taken from real mint or real fruit, no compromises on ingredients that give the gum it’s delicious taste. 100% real, like it should be!

Natural Glycerol

This ingredients helps to give the chewing gum its well know structure. Im comparison to other chewing gum, again this is natural and only the best is used to make NATURGum the perfect natural gum that it is![

Make a responsible choice for the planet and a healthier one for yourself, choose NATURgum!