Mast Chew

Australian Food and Pharmaceutical Industries (AFPI) has produced a plant-based chewing gum, dedicated to producing chewing gum made from natural ingredients. The gum has no components as petroleum, plastic or latex, like a lot of other gums do.

Did you know that usual gum stays in the digestive system for at least seven years? It very difficult for your body to get rid of it. Most gum can contain controversial ingredients like butylated hydroxytoluene, titanium dioxide, and aspartame. And you don’t want these synthetic ingredients in your body. And it can be a concern for more health-conscious consumers.

Mast Chew is made from mastic gum, a Mediterranean plant resin from the pistacia plant. For millennia the resin of the mastic tree has been used to maintain gut health and treat gastric ulcers. And chewing your gum can have a positive effect on dental health.

Mast Chew combines mastic gum with xylitol and mint to create a texture and taste of a minty chewing gum without synthetics, latex, sugars, or artificial sweeteners.