Staying true to its believes, Chewsy produces all their products in the Rain Forest in South America. Their goal is to remove all the artificial and environmentally-damaging ingredients you usually find in gum and produce a truly natural, sugar-free gum. Because of this, we support them! Read more.

Mast Chew chewing gum is produced by Australian Food and Pharmaceutical Industry (AFPI). The goal of Mast Chew is to create a healthy alternative for main stream chewing gum, made from 100% natural ingredients with a delicious taste by using extracts from the Pistacia tree. Read more.

Inspired by their trip to Mexico whilst exploring the Yucatan Forest, founders recognize and appreciate the majesty of the Sapodilla tree from which the chicle is obtained: that is the natural gum base. A chewing gum was made, with the intention to create a cleaner earth where we live in today. Read more.

The Pur Company, gets its name from using only “pure” products. Founded in 2010 with the intention to produce products that stimulate a healthy lifestyle at affordable prices. As the company grew, mints where added to the product line, which like their chewing gum, is without the use of aspartame

Originally starting out with tooth bushes, the Humble Co expanded its product line into toothpaste and chewing gum. As The Humble Co is concerned, chewing gum should consist of natural ingredients only without any artificial flavours added, including sugar.

Two Wise Chimps is a young brand founded in 2019 by a young group of fanatics that believe a greener world, is a healthier world. This innovative brand, produces functional chewing gum that also tastes excellent. Ranging from caffeine, CBD, beauty and chewing gum that whitens your teeth. Read more.