About Us

Fairgum was established in 2019 in a reponse to a growing demand for healthier products from people who value dearly what they consume on a daily basis.

The increase of welfare for many that live on this planet has not happened without any drawbacks. Many items are mass produced to meet demand, including items that we must consume every day to provide for the necessities of life. Unfortunately, in order to meet this increase in demand, products must be artificially produced.

Think Long Term

Without care for the human wellbeing, the planet we live on and the future of our children, companies are willing operate with a short term outlook, in order to please shareholders with the highest possible profits. Global warming, plastic swamped oceans, endangered species are just a few of the long term consequences that result from these kind of activities.

At Fairgum, we believe that every little bit can make a big difference. Everyone who lives on this planet, has the moral obligation to treat our planet with the utmost care, and to leave it in a better shape then we found it for the next generation. We believe, that part of the profit we make, is to create a greener and healthier world we live in, that we are happy to pass on to our children.

Our contribution to this is to promote the use of products that are consumed by many and that we are most passionate about, chewing gum. Over the past years, we have scanned the global market for companies that share the same values as we do.

Companies that use only natural ingredients, no plastics are other chemicals that shouldn’t be found anywhere near what we put into our body. Products that consist of xylitol, extracts from trees, and plastic is substituted for a natural gum base, are products we believe in and worth promoting.

If we can educate people about the importance of consuming products made of natural ingredients and what this means for the planet we live on, we consider this a huge victory. Let’s chew the planet green again!