5 Benefits of chewing gum

5 benefits of chewing gum

We often use chewing gum because we enjoy the taste of it. But did you know there are many other benefits of chewing gum? In particular natural chewing gum can give your physical and emotional state a big boost. We think the 5 benefits of chewing gum are highly worth mentioning and sharing with you, so we have lined them up right here!

Chewing gum improves your memory

A British study by psychologists shows that one of the benefits of chewing gum is that it improves memory. Both long term and short term memory show signs of serious improvement. The study was done on a group of people were divided into two groups. One group used chewing gum, the other group didn’t. The results showed the subjects that used chewing gum, outperformed the subjects that didn’t use chewing gum. In addition, subjects of the test seem to be better focused.

improve memory with chewing gum

Weight loss

From another study, this time by a university on Rhode Island, chewing gum helps to fight weight loss. On a daily basis, an average of 60 calories a day is consumed less by people that chew chewing gum. Although this may not seem like much, every little bit helps. In addition, people that chew chewing gum also are less likely to grab unhealthy snacks which puts on extra weight.

Chewing gum also improves other eating habits, and can reduce the feeling of being hungry, which decreases the chances of people going for unhealthy snacks as well.

5 benefits of chewing gum

Teeth decay

Unlike regular chewing gum which is sweetened with sugar, natural chewing gum is flavored with the natural sweetener Xylitol. This prevents tooth decay and a dry mouth. Bacteria in the mouth, cannot process the xylitol as they do with sugar. Therefore, the bacteria don’t produce teeth damaging acids, like they do with sugar. Also, bacteria multiply much slower with xylitol compared to sugar. It also improves your breath and gives you a healthy smile!

white teeth

Lessen depression

This is a serious issue nowadays and chewing gum can also help here! Chewing gum twice per day can reduce mental illness such as anxiety, depression and fatigue. Last but not least, it allows the brain to focus on something else, and reduces chances to overthinking certain issues. A test done by an American institute showed significant improvements on subjects that attained the test in as little two weeks!

Chewing gum benefits depression

Alternative to smoking

Smoking is a habit that many try to stop, but so less actually achieve. Often, the lack of a good substitute is the cause. Chewing gum is the perfect replacement for smoking, it is natural gum of course and not the regular chewing gum made from plastic and sweetened with sugar.

In the beginning, the consumption of chewing gum can be significant to fight the urge for a cigarrete. Once the addiction for smoking is absent, it is recommended to reduce the amount of chewing gum to prevent side effects related to digestion.

chewing gum benefits smoking


Chewing natural chewing gum can add to a significantly better health. But only natural chewing gum will do. Regular chewing consists of ingredients that shouldn’t be anywhere near your mouth. If you like these 5 benefits of chewing gum, please feel free to share this wherever you like and to leave us a comment!

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