5 reasons why you should stop using sugar

  1. Sugar affects your immune function. Sugar affects white blood cells that protect you against bacteria. This response occurs directly after consuming sugar, and can last for a few hours. This gives unwanted bacteria the opportunity to enter your body.
  2. Sugar Increases the risk of obesity Compared to natural alternatives like xylitol, sugar contains 40% more calories. Calories are the primary cause of obesity and diabetes. Sugar is addictive, thus your body will be craving for more, resulting in obesity and overweight.
  3. Sugar increases your level of stress When stressed, blood sugar is out of balance. As a result, the hormone cortisol is produced to pull it back and to restore it. Similarly, sugar also causes swings in blood sugar, causing cortisol to be produced which gives the feeling of stress.
  4. Sugar causes tooth decay Bacteria transforms sugars into damaging acids that attack your teeth. Each attack lasts for about 20 minutes. Also, bacteria multiplies faster with sugar, which increases the severity of the attack every time sugar is consumed.
  5. Sugar accelerates agingWhen sugar enters your blood stream, toxic compounds are produced which cause and accelerate wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and sagging in neck and chin. It also causes slower healing of cuts and wounds.

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